Supports the latest iOS 13 and iPad features – Apple Account Login and Dark Mode. KAYAK mobile app To provide an even better experience for iPhone and iPad users, the search engine has updated its mobile apps to support new iOS 13 and iPad 13 features – Sign in with Apple and Dark Mode ( Dark Mode). — We have been working hard on our mobile applications to offer support for iOS 13 and iPad operating systems and thus allow users to experience a more convenient experience. With Apple Sign In, iPhone and iPad owners will be able to use their Apple ID, Face ID or Touch ID while retaining complete control of their personal information.

And by turning on Dark Mode

Users will be able to more easily search for the  deals on KAYAK without straining their eyesight. comments Matthias Keller, Chief Scientist & SVP, Technology at KAYAK. Also read: The travel industry is thriving on your smartphone! – report  tourists 2019Apple login for added online privacy The Australia School Email Lists Sign in with Apple feature allows you to quickly and easily sign in to the KAYAK app without having to fill out forms, verify email addresses or choose new passwords. The KAYAK mobile app only requires a username and email address – however, those who would like to hide their email can choose this option and still receive useful messages from KAYAK. Sign in with your Apple account is a simple way to sign in to the application, which allows you to maintain greater privacy.

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Dark Mode – Find the best travel deals

Without straining your eyes The design of the KAYAK app automatically adapts to the dark interface of  iOS 13 or pads operating system. Thanks to this solution, planning a trip at night will be much less tiring for users’ eyes and additionally extends  battery life. Screenshots from the KAYAK app Screenshots from the KAYAK app People with devices with iOS 13 and iPad software can set dark or light mode in the phone BZ Lists settings or directly through the Control Center. You can also configure the new feature to turn on automatically at a specific time or with a simple Siri command.


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