Learn how to make a success story

Success stories (or case studies) are Content Marketing resources ideal for the bottom of the sales funnel. They serve to tell stories of customers who have had positive results when buying and using your products and show the full potential of your brand. In this article you will learn everything about this type of content. Different stages of the sales funnel require different content strategies. When we talk about the bottom of the funnel, success stories are some of the best content to convert leads that have already been qualified and are closer to the purchase Therefore, you must show that you are different from your competitors.

What is a success story

The success story, also called a case study. Is a type of content email database that presents stories of real customers who have had satisfactory experiences. With the acquisition and use of a company’s product or service. But the intention of these contents is not just to compile. Performance graphs or simply show how happy the customer is. This type of content is generally used by B2B companies. Which are those that sell to other companies. At Rock Content, for example. We always show a series of case studies . But nothing prevents a B2C company from using this content format. To talk about its clients who obtained positive results with a product or service. 

Why do a case study

Successful cases can influence consumer BZ Lists decision-making . When potential customers are at the bottom of the funnel , they already know your company and have already selected possible solutions for their problem. Now, they need arguments to make the decision and opt for your product. Therefore, the success story works as a sales pitch, showing the results that other clients have had and helping, in this way, to establish a bond of trust . In that group of products and services, there are probably your closest competitors. Then, the success story serves to differentiate your product from the competition at this crucial stage of the decision process.

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