Questions should cover these elements. As well as explore the details of the experience to build an interesting narrative. Below we list the main questions you should include in the interview. What were the difficulties you had in your life/business before finding out about Products and services are nothing more than solutions. That is why it is important to know the difficulties and challenges that your client faces before knowing your brand. This is what starts the day. This will help show them how your product or service can help them overcome obstacles.

Prepare for the interview

Now that you have the question top people data script in hand. You are ready for the interview. Remember that you are going to talk to a client, so you must make a good impression.  So, you should prepare for the interview. Review the client’s history, what solutions they have already adopted. What professionals serve them and the main results they have obtained. Show that you know the client. Also reread the questions, rehearse the interview. And test other respondents to see if the questions make sense. At the moment it is not necessary to follow the script to the letter. But it is important to master the questions so as not to forget anything.

Organize the information

After conducting the interview, it is time to BZ Lists organize the data and information you collected. During the conversation, the interviewee may lose track and talk more than necessary. That’s why you should select what is most relevant to the story. Editing the content will depend on the format you choose for the success story. But you can start by structuring the case in text format using the suggestion below. It is important to have visual aids to help illustrate the story. Depending on the format of the case, you can use a simple photo of the client or graphics that highlight the results obtained. This is the time to select these supporting images.

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