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See where we.Re going with this. Well done. Netflix! Award for : timely customization 5. Playstation playstation great examples of newsletters-playstation screenshot of sendinblue a large company like playstation could easily phone in their newsletters. Sending out product announcements and other solicitations for money. And. While the Start churning out company naturally includes promotions in its newsletters. Playstation went the smart route and gam its newsletter by including user stats. Trophies. And other play-me-play-me incentives! Who not only add interest.

Younger audiences lean towards humor

But personalize their newsletter for each Country Email List recipient. Award for : gamifi experience 6. Poncho great examples of newsletter-poncho screenshot of hubspot again. With humor. But guess what? Humor works with many of today.S market segments. Younger audiences lean towards humor. Accepting a more casual corporate personality. Puns and even the occasional swearing. This better approach is why ponco makes our list. With a daily weather newsletter (of all things) that.S not only personaliz. But fun. Plus. They definitely understand their audience.

Spotify spotify great examples

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Translating time into why  BZ Lists it matters. (see the current state of “hair” and its wonderful play on words.) award for : making worldly fun 7. Spotify spotify great examples of newsletters – spotify screenshot of impact spotify is one of those brands that knows its customers – like really. Really well. Since they record everything you listen to. And since their entire job is to serve you with more great tunes that you.D love. They.Re in the unique position of knowing what music you like.

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