Thanks to the “Smash Tanks!” augmented reality (AR) technology Your room will become a real battlefield for small tanks gliding on the carpet. Smash Tanks! – AR Board Game Your living room is a battlefield, but not because of the scattered pizza boxes and bottles from last night’s party. As you play, you pull and slingshot your three tanks, unceremoniously knocking down towers and trees along the way, and depleting your opponent’s arsenal. Total destruction! However, remember to choose the right strategy. You and your opponent take turns destroying each other’s tanks, so you have to watch out for a counterattack. Dueling miniature tanks on the living room floor is a truly unusual sight.

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Through the screen of your device, you can observe the fascinating virtual world superimposed on the real environment. You won’t even notice when you lie on the floor to Bette then quickly jump to the other side of the digital battlefield to see the scale of the destruction. The gameplay itself Hospital Mailing Lists changes dynamically. Airdrops with new weapons allow you to combine tank attacks with rocket salvos or minelaying. At the beginning, it’s worth polishing your skills by facing computer rivals, but real emotions await you during clashes with real opponents. You can also play with friends on one iPhone or iPad. This two-player extreme mix of snooker and Jingo can be played on one or two devices.

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Of gameplay in the world of augmented reality. Screenshots from the mobile game “Smash Tanks! – AR Board Game” Screenshots from the mobile game “Smash Tanks! – AR Board Game “And best of all, you don’t have to worry about  wreak havoc on your living room floor. Except for pizza boxes. They won’t disappear by themselves! Download the app from the App Store source: App Store Poland Lukasz Majchrzaks BZ Lists Memoir ( Lukasz Majchrzak I have been dealing with Internet communication and e-marketing since 2005, I am passionate about mobile devices and new technologies – and I do not hesitate to use them.


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