How to do a PPC Competitive Analysis

Pay-per-click activities can help boost brand awareness. generate leads. and drive traffic. But PPC marketing can be tough to get right. especially with so many competitors vying for the same audience. That’s why competitive analysis is so important. It will help you to understand the tactics your competitors are using and learn more about their Google Ads strategies.

There are six key steps involve in an effective PPC

There are six key steps involve in an effective PPC competitive analysis: Identify your competitors Analyze their PPC strategy Analyze their ad copy and landing pages Identify their target audience Analyze their budget and ad spend Analyze their performance and ROI Let’s dive in and see how to do competitive analysis in PPC. Step 1: Identify Your Competitors With any competitive analysis. the first place to start is to know who your competitors are! Even if you’re an establishe company with detaile information on your competition. don’t ignore this step.

Google Ads Auction comparison

There are always new companies moving into an industry or expanding that could now be a competitor. Use in-house knowlege to identify competitors (your sales and marketing teams will be aware of who is out there). but there are also some great tools to help. SEMRush enables you to conduct ad research while Google Ads Auction Insights (see below) helps you measure your ad. bidding strategy. and campaign performance against your competitors. Google Ads Auction comparison Google Ads Auction comparison Step 2: Analyze Their PPC Strategy Once you know who you’re competing against.

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