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Page Title Selector: If you want to hide H1 page titles with Elementor, the default identifier and class are usually ‘h1.entry-title’, but if your topic uses a different class, you should point out here, otherwise Elementor will not ‘know which one to hide it from. Tablet breakpoint: Here you can set the resolution of the website to jump to the tablet version. By default they are 1025px. Breakpoints on mobile devices: As on the previous point, you can determine which pixels the mobile version will jump to here.

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 By default it is 768 pixels. Image Lightbox: Use this option, all  latest database  images that are opened via a link will be turned on in the light box or light box. Please note, because sometimes the subject may be incompatible with the subject if it is also available. Hosted lucushost transport( Pro) If you use Elementor forms on your website, you will have the option to add different actions that will be performed after the user clicks the “ submit” button.

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 One of them allows you to save a record of the user who sent the   BZ Lists  form. These data are collected in a section called “ shipping”. Element Transport Custom Fonts(PRO) This section comes from the PRO version, where you can load different formats of your own fonts from your hard drive. Custom Font Elementor You can upload the following formats: Wolf Wolf Wolf2 TTF static reactive generator Epoxy ethane Custom Icon( Pro version) In this section you can upload your own icon packs that are compressed as ZIP and downloaded from various icon platforms.

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