Disable Default Colors: If this option is selected, Telementor will use the default color of the theme. Disable the default font: same color as the font. Shared usage data: If you want to work with Telementor developers to improve the plugin, select this option and data about its performance on your website will be sent anonymously. “ Integration” tab In this tab, you can add integration keys (API) to some well-known tools, such as various versions of Google captcha, Facebook SDK, Mailchimp, ACTIVE Campaign, Woo Commerce, etc.

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Elementary Settings integrates the “ Advanced” tab Here you  new data   can change some of the more important parameters… These are: CSS printing methods: choose whether you want to save CSS code to an external file or make it “ inline”. I suggest it is external. Change the editor loading method: This is to diagnose configuration conflicts with the server. By default it is disabled, so don’t even touch it.

with Photoshop... I run away!

 Printing Plan B, Wow. Content width: Elementor displays parts of it 1140 pixels wide in the desktop version by default. You can change these pixels here. Space between widgets: Elementor allocates a 20-pixel interval between the widgets you use for your design by default. You can change this   BZ Lists  parameter here. Stretch to fit the section: When you set the Elementor section to full width, it fits the width of ‘body’ by default. If you want it to wrap around another CSS selector, you can point out here.


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