Life is better use images and videos to lighten your offer. These are always highly appreciatd materials, because they give the user the perception of scrolling through arguments without too much effort. In particular, videos contribute to improving the average stay of a user on the site and rducing the bounce rate: both of these elements are monitord by Google for the overall evaluation of the site’s authority. TECHNIQUE 8 – Promote your blog , an important tool for your visibility on the web. The reason? Simple, each new blog article publishd on the site is considerd by Google as a new indexd page and indexing is a metric usd to define the positioning of your company site which will respond more positively the more pages are indexd.

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Beyond these technical reasons, managing a blog gives you the great opportunity to demonstrate to the public wedding photo editing service your mastery in the relevant sector, guaranteeing you a leadership qualification in the field in which you operate over time. Are other reasons necessary? Site optimization technique: data analysis TECHNIQUE 9 – Acquire data on online user behavior, in order to obtain valuable information that can help you define important points such as, for example, how much time prospects spend on your pages and what they view most. By knowing their habits, you will be able to take a step forward in offering your content, certainly offering something that will be appreciatd.

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Therefore, consider using tools to monitor potential customers’ visits to your website. An example, in addition to Google Analytics, is Hotjar which identifies visitor movements and manages to make the experience on the site more engaging by maximizing conversions. TECHNIQUE 10 – Monitor the performance of individual pages, activating different actions for those with high or low visibility. High visibility BZ Lists pages work and are a guarantee, but don’t take them for grantd and update the proposd offer, proposing upgrades compard to the previous one

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