As we have seen, case studies act as sales pitches.Therefore, they help generate conversions when used on product pages or landing pages . To do this, you can use short versions of the success stories, in video format, graphic or a quote from the client. With a link to the full page. Maybe you’ve already created a blog post to present your success story.  Say, for example, you’re writing a post about SEO and you want to show how optimization. Strategies can drive more traffic and conversions. You can present success stories that have achieved these results.

Invest in targeted ads

You can also use paid media to email contact list improve your success stories. The advantage of this option is that you can precisely target your target audience. Especially potential customers who are already. At the bottom of the funnel. To do this, you can use remarketing to. Reach only people who already know your company or have already taken action on your site. And target sponsored links with keywords that are used at the bottom of the funnel, which are usually long terms . tail or related to the brand.

Send Email Marketing to leads at the bottom of the funnel

Email marketing also allows BZ Lists you to reach potential. Customers at the bottom of the funnel. To do this, it is necessary to place them, from the beginning of the day, in a lead nutrition flow with relevant content. So that they advance in the funnel. Case studies can then be sent in the final stage of the funnel. When the purchase decision is made. And that’s not all. If you want to learn all the secrets to use this possibility more efficiently. Download our Negotiation Content ebook for free and turn on your conversion machine.

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