In terms of design. I play with font size. Color contrast. And spacing to emphasize the main message and distinguish it from the rest. This clear hierarchy guides readers through the email. Ensuring they don’t miss the main message while still giving them the option to dig into more details if they want. Meghan: hierarchy is the most important design tool we have when it comes to email. We know we only have a limit amount of time with each subscriber. And hierarchy is key to making sure they can focus on the most important takeaways of our message.

I recommend giving visual priority

I recommend giving visual priority to the most important information and for this to appear as close to the top of the email as possible. Which can be done using large/bold headlines and clear calls-to-action. Secondary asia email list stories can be given less visual priority through their placement in the design and slightly rucing the size or emphasis on that information.“Do you have any rules you follow when it comes to balancing text and imagery?

A thoughtful headline with bold visual prominence

Noelle: ideally. The copy provid for an email has been down to spicy. Concise blocks! In those cases. A thoughtful headline with bold visual prominence and a great hero graphic is all that’s new. However In situations BZ Lists where more text is new. I have a few rules I follow to maintain a good text to image balance. First I scale down the prominence of hero graphics to allow more space for text. I then explore other ways to add visual interest. For example 


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