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As well as what music-you-might-like-but-don.T- you-you know it yet. And that.S where their big newsletter comes in. Serving up user-specific data (which songs you listen to the most) and a playlist that spotify has develop just for you. And it.S simply brilliant. Award for : personaliz content 8. Warby parker warbyparker great examples of newsletters-warby parker screenshot of fitsmallbusiness one of the most important functions of a newsletter is to connect with subscribers. Bas on their main interests. Why did they subscribe to your emails? Enter warby parker.

They seamlessly blend shar grief

An eyewear company that knows no one Email List can resist: 1) humor and 2) cute puppies. They seamlessly blend shar grief (oh. The dog days of summer. We miss you already!) with adorable models. In a way that will have their audience barking with laughter. (#sorrynotsorry) award for : subscriber interest 9. Wouldyourather (wyr) wouldyourather great examples of newsletters-why screenshot of aweber okay. Mega points to wyr for a fun newsletter. But we.Re focusing on the interactive quality of this example. Because. Who doesn.T love an easy (and stupid) quiz? And in a company like would you rather? – literally.

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A company dicat to the fun and entertainment   BZ Lists  of the would-you-rather scenario game – who wouldn.T want to receive a weekly newsletter with just one click? Award for : interactive elements winners: a world-class design 10. Anthropologie anthropologia great examples of newsletter-antopologia screenshot of canva gifs don.T have to be cheap or low quality; us effectively. They can be an important design element in your newsletters. Take this example from anthropologie (click link for full effect). Which is both classy and eye-catching. Plus. It.S surround by the right information and perfectly on-message – an invitation to readers to follow anthropologie.S interest and get inspir.

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