If your internal product development.

Do you have a large catalog of eCommerce products and are having difficulty managing prices for individual products Try . as this is the price management and optimization solution. especially for eCommerce businesses.

In the eCommerce ecosytem. the price of products changes every second. You can sell a smart baby health monitor with socks for $50 on eBay. But you will soon find out that your competitor is selling the same thing for $49 only to divert their customers to your store by offering them small discounts. Now if you have 1.000 other products. keeping track of all of these becomes impossible.

Helps you set optimal  If your internal prices for a new SaaS

Product or optimize prices for existing SaaS products. It follows a novel strategy to discover willingness to pay and price its offers accordingly.

First of all. it has a huge audience dataase for targeting based on preferences. demographics. and psychographics. So if you need to know new data how much a CTO is interested in paying for a new financial SaaS product. Price Intelligently will get genuine and unbiased data for you. Its audience database exceeds 240 million. strong in the B2B and B2C segments around the world. It also comes with audience data quantification tools like relative value and pricing algorithms. Using these tools and a dedicated pricing team. Price Intelligently will work with you to choose the perfect price for a new or existing SaaS offering.

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However. Minderest makes it possible BZ Lists  by offering automated product matching and price scrapping. Plus. its dynamic pricing tool automatically optimizes your product price when your competitors raise or lower their prices.

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