Identify Your Competitors

You should also look at how advertisers combine SEO and PPC strategies to cover both organic and paid channels. Here are some effective ways to do that. Keyword Research If you’ve already done a competitive analysis for SEO. it should be easy to know what keywords your competitors rank for. But it’s worth doing the same exercise for PPC as there may be terms or phrases you could miss out on for paid advertising. Use tools like SEMRush’s Keyword Gap tool to see which keywords your competitors are bidding on. It’s worth looking at volume and CPC to see how cost-effective a keyword is. This will help you to identify potential gaps in your keyword strategy. Why Choose DMI? Ad Placement Analysis Look at where your competitors’ ads are being displaye. Are they primarily appearing on search engine results pages (SERPs). on specific websites. or on social meia channels such as YouTube? Analyze this information to identify potential placements for your ads and be willing to experiment to see the performance of your content.

Monitor their Search Results

 You can use Similarweb to do this. Monitor their Search Results Use paid or free tools like the ones we’ve already mentione to get an idea of your competitor’s search engine ranking. the ad copy they use. and ad spend. This will help inform your bidding strategy and ad copy. Use Ad Intelligence Tools Ad Intelligence tools like Spyfu allow you to see the historical performance of your competitors’ ad campaigns. This includes their ad spend. click-through rates. and conversion rates. Spyfu dashboard Spyfu dashboard These insights will give you an idea of what is working well for them so you can see if it’s worth replicating.

Analyze Their Ad Copy

Analyze Their Ad Copy and Landing Pages Content plays an important role in engagement and conversion. If you’re not tailoring ad copy or landing page content to the interests and nees of your audience. then they’re not likely to click or stay around for long. Become a world class digital marketer Ad Copy Analysis A great way to help you improve copy performance is to look at what your competitors are doing. How are they positioning their products or service and what do they promote as their unique selling points? To do this. ask yourself: Are they using particular keywords in ad copy? What is the tone of the content or approach.

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