How to change corporate communication

Share the brand’s values ​​and become a point of reference for your customers. Even when society’s needs change. We’ve already done it. And we’re about to do it again. Let’s face change. This time we won’t talk about crises , because, let’s face it. Change doesn’t always mean drastic and sudden upheavals. Change often manifests itself slowly and imperceptibly. In a society that grows, evolves or regresses. That compares itself with the outside world and with itself. For better or for worse. A company made up of many, many people, among whom you will also find your possible consumers. Precisely those who might choose a competitor if they didn’t feel. Well represented by what your brand is and does. Today more than ever, it’s not just about style or aesthetics. But about how they manage to feel part of a whole that they share, in ideas and values. At this point we must go back to the moment of change and the changing society. Change also occurs in points of view in common and subjective feelings and therefore in values .

Why use corporate values ​​in communication

More and more brands are taking positions on social issues. Such as europe email list inclusiveness, equality and the environment. Why do they do it. To establish a real connection with consumers . In fact, people are increasingly attentive to the attitude of brands towards the problems of today’s society. And they tend to prefer precisely. Those brands that represent their own point of view . The more your customers belong to a young target. The more they will appreciate your stance on social issues. This doesn’t mean that every company has to take sides. Or do so on all social and environmental issues. Before venturing into this terrain, in fact, you need.

How to respond to new consumer needs

Among the words – and concepts – that we use most often. There is one that reigns supreme when it comes to brands: coherence . We underlined the idea of ​​coherence with the essence of the brand. With its values, and now that we talk about change, what happens. Change, from this perspective, does not mean denying. Oneself or one’s beliefs, but rather should be seen as an evolution, the result of a change in point of view , perhaps of leaving the comfort zone. In business BZ  Lists terms it could also prove to be a double-edged sword. Many will welcome the changes and experience it positively. Just as many could see it as a sort of “Betrayal” and no longer recognize themselves in the brand.

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