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Newsletters are a cornerstone of any email marketing effort and yet. They are so easy to get wrong. It.S not surprising: there is no single. Definitive manual for writing. Designing and sending a good email newsletter. It varies by industry and company . To some extent. Each newsletter is unique : unique to its brand. Unique to its audience. And unique to its goals. But one thing is not unique: if you have low open rates (the average hovers around 23%. ). Low click-through Host a webinar rates (average: ~3.5%). A high unsubscribe rate (should be <0.25%).

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Or witness any other warning metric – these are Europe Email List all signs that your newsletter nes some love. Stat. Enter the following 50 great newsletter examples. Which provide information and inspiration to build a better. More effective. And more lov newsletter that serves both your business and your customers. And. To keep it fun. We.Ve segment our picks into winning categories and individual prizes. Yep. We.Ll cover everything from the most creative color-blocking and biting puns. To the biggest gamification and most flagrant use of the f-word.

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Here we go! Winners: personalization winners: a world-class design winners: great use of color winners: beautiful minimalism winners: excellent  BZ Lists content winners: powerful calls to action winners: illuminating images winners: personalization 1. Agoda agoda agoda screenshot of magemail yes. We.Re back to list segmentation. Because it is important! Take this example from agoda. A travel brand. Which clearly understands its customer. (that.S an se asia enthusiast.) because. If you serve an se asia enthusiast with parisian content (or vice versa).

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