It will allow file uploads without filtering: if you activate this option, you will be able to upload SVG files to Elementary, which is not allowed by WordPress by default. Keep in mind that SVG files can contain malicious code because they are images that insert content into XML code. These files are uploaded only if you determine the source and security of these files. Google Font Load: Here you can configure how Google Fonts are loaded on a website.

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 Load Font Awesome 4 support: This option will make the Font  new database  Awesome 4 icon you previously used in Element or compatible with the Font Awesome 5 version. “ Experimental” tab In this section, you can test the plugin development team before officially launching the new features and implementations it is developing in the update. Some of these options are beta or alpha versions, so be careful when activating them on live websites because something can get corrupted.

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 If you can, do this carefully on the test site. Elementor setup experiment “ style” tab( has been abandoned) Not long ago, there was a tab called “ style” where you can configure the general aspects of web design, but now these   BZ Lists  options have been integrated into part of the Elementor workspace. These are configurable options: Default Universal Fonts: Elementor will use the loaded default font list if the font you are configuring does not load correctly at any time.


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