Tests conducted at the company’s headquarters in Warsaw confirmed the capabilities of Orange compromising the quality of the connection. From November 21. customers will be able to check the capabilities of the XGSPON technology in selected showrooms in Warsaw.

“Ten years ago

We embarked on a fiber-optic journey. We started with technology tests. And today Cause and effect Orange Polska is the largest provider of fiber optic services in the country.  Provide internet connectivity of the highest quality to one million individual customers, and there are nearly 7 million Contrast households within the range of Orange fibre. From the beginning, believed that Germany Business Fax List  bringing optical fiber directly to the user’s home has great potential. The changing world and the increasing number of smart devices connected to the home network mean that the demand for a fast and efficient network is constantly growing.

Orange optical fiber is real 8 Gbps The throughput

Fax Lists

The maximum capability of the XGSPON technology. The speed of the Internet that the Emphasisuser can achieve on his device is 8 Gb/s. The quality of the connection. Thanks to high bandwidth to 256 devices can be connected via WiFi at the same time. The link with the highest Emphasis bandwidth coupled with great Emphasis  WiFi is the basis of home connectivity. Market research shows that people considering the purchase BZ Lists of optical fiber choose the service from Orange twice as often as the offer of another competitor.


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