The EU has provided Poland with €144.6 million (around 695 million zloty) to help it deal with the huge wave of refugees fleeing Ukraine. The interior minister says that the amount is “small” compare to Poland’s outlay on supporting refugees, but notes that a further tranche of 200 million zloty is due. Poland has been the primary destination for those fleeing Ukraine following Russia’s invasion, and it is estimate that around one million remain in the country. The OECD estimates Poland will spend €8.36 billion this year on helping the refugees, more than any other county. From early on during the crisis, Warsaw has called on the EU to provide funds to support countries taking in the refugees. And yesterday interior minister Mariusz Kaminski revealed that almost 700 million zloty had arrived so far.

The financial support from the EU

Although small – because it covers only a part of the costs incurred by our country – shows that Europe appreciates the key role of Poland in supporting Ukraine,” Kaminski told the Polish Press Agency (PAP). The money has come from €400 million in emergency funds that the EU made available earlier  VP Technical Email Lists this year to member states most affected by the crisis: Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The Polish government has said this figure is not enough. Arguing that an additional fund is nee to help refugees. Which can only be set up after an agreement by the European Council, PAP reports. Although Kaminski only announce the receipt of the funds yesterday.

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The interior minister noted that Poland

Is now waiting for a second tranche of around 200 million zloty. His announcement comes days after European Commission sources confirmed that they are withholding billions of euros from Poland’s cohesion funds due to ongoing concerns over the rule of law. The commission had previously frozen €36 billion in post-pandemic recovery funds for the same reason. As well as receiving millions of refugees, Poland has also been BZ Lists one of Ukraine’s strongest supporters during the war. It has donated more military equipment to Kyiv than any country apart from the United States, as well as providing significant humanitarian aid.


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