Education minister for allowing LGBT day in Polish schools

Poland’s eucation minister has criticize principals who were “irresponsible” enough to allow an annual event in support of LGBT people to be held in their schools. He warns that “gender revolutionists” are trying to implant dangerous ideas in the minds of children. Since Campaign Against Homophobia (KPH), an NGO, has organize nationwide “Rainbow Friday”  in October during which school pupils can show solidarity with their LGBT peers by wearing rainbow-cultureclothes and organizing We want young people from the LGBT+ community to know that they are okay, that they have support and are not alone – that there are a lot of people, both adults and their peers, who stand alongside them,” Joanna Skonieczna from KPH told news out. School authorities can decide whether to officially allow such activities to take place.

One school that took part this year was the

Academic High School in Torun, which is consistently ranke as one of the top high schools in Poland .As well as Rainbow Friday, it held a broader Day of Tolerance, encouraging students to show respect for everyone regardless of sex, ethnicity, religion or skin color. A number of celebrities also publicly Canadian CFO Email Lists supporter the initiative, including a group of figures worlds of sport, music, filmmaking, art, social media and fashion who this year created a special film – You’re OK! – for the occasion.  have long been critical of Rainbow Friday. In 2019, deputy prime minister Jacek Sasin warned that such “indoctrination should not be and suggeste introducing regulation ons” to prevent it. The education ministry sought to discourage schools from taking part in Rainbow Friday and suggested they instead organize “patriotic trips” on the same day.

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Asked yesterday by the Polish Pres

Agency (PAP) about Rainbow Friday, education minister  said that he believe it was only “taking place in a marginal number of institutions, where there are irresponsible principals who do not care for the proper education and upbringing of children”. Czarnecki has been one of the government’s most vocal opponents of “LGBT ideology”, which he says “comes from the same roots as Nazism” and whose adherents are “deviants” who should “not have the same public rights” as “normal people”. The minister has been seeking to introduce a law that BZ Lists would allow government-appointee officials to prevent NGOs from carrying out activities in schools. The bill was veto earlier this year but a similar one was recently resubmitte and approve by the parliamentary education n committee.

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