When the lead reaches the bottom of the funnel, they still have some objections that make their decision difficult. They can be about anything really, but they usually focus on two factors: time and money . Therefore, the case study can help avoid these objections. To do this, the story should show the obstacles that the client also faced, such as tight budgets or lack of staff. And how they were overcome. In this way, the lead identifies with the experience and. Understands that they can follow that example to obtain the same results.

The most efficient formats for success stories

Some cases are also email leads published on our blog. As a way to involve the public that usually reads our blog posts and attract more interested parties from Google. Text is the basic format, the most used in Content Marketing and also one of its most powerful tools. You can use it to tell your clients’ stories. With an interesting and attractive narrative style. One of the favorite formats of the online audience is video. According to the specialized portal Statista, in 2023 in Latin America we will reach 317.9 million viewers. Of digital videos and the penetration of this format will reach 78.5% of Internet users . 

How to create a success story

Now, discover a step-by-step guide to creating BZ Lists a success story, from selecting the best stories to editing the content in the chosen format. Learn how to do it! The first step is to select, among your clients, those who had a positive experience and who can generate inspiring stories. This does not exclude you, since your own company may be a case ! If you have already obtained significant results using your own products, design a success story for your company to close your potential clients. But, if you already have a client portfolio, you can choose among them those who will participate in your success stories.

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