Create and update buyer personas

Create and update If your platform immiately turns out to be unintuitive or even presents technical problems, the online user will mainly remember these negative aspects and may decide to no longer rely on your service or, as happens in BB, speak badly of it to their colleagues. On the contrary, if your product immiately presents itself as reliable and valid, the user in the future , continuing to prefer your product over that of your competitors. From this point of view, the importance of a good onboarding strategy clearly emerges , especially if you are a company that operates in the SaaS eCommerce sector, for retaining your customers and building a feeling of loyalty.

Towards the brand 

In this article we will address the concept of onboarding and its main component the narrative flow that characterizes it and determines its relative success. Onboarding and narrative flow web designs and development service as a key element. Adapt the propos contents to the customer’s stage of evolution. The key elements that support the narrative. Design narrative flows giving life to a successful first impression customer-success-guide. Onboarding and narrative flow as a key element. When we talk about onboarding we are no longer referring only to the process. That accompanies the user during the first moments of navigation.

Will hardly change his opinion

To help him become familiar with the platform, but to a real, more structur and complex path. As anticipat, the postmodern user is not satisfi with carrying out precise steps to complete a task, but nes to find satisfaction BZ Lists in the objectives that the software will allow him to achieve . The awareness of having to lead the user towards a new level of success, which is indirectly link to the work carri out on the platform, has l to the evolution of traditional onboarding strategies. The focus today is no longer on making the user an expert user, but on showing what he can achieve if he decides to use the software.

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