Cities and regions of russia

Cities and regional sub-domain site is oblige to carry commercial information that corresponds to the capabilities of the company in this region. The main domain and subdomains should differ from each other not only in contact details, but also in prices, range of goods or services, general design, delivery terms, and many other business factors that vary depending on the region . In the address bar, the beginning of the subdomain site looks like this: regional domain address – dot – domain address. For example Regional SEO website promotion on subdomains. Regional website promotion will work with the correct layout of each sub-domain site.

Which will achieve the greatest coverage

The webmaster must perform the following important steps: Assigning a regional address to a site Customizing the sitemap.xml file. Working with XML sitemap markup. All URLs in the map must contain the name of the subdomain. Setting up the robots. Txt service file. Closing photo editor indexation for regions that the company does not serve Creation of the main domain site with the ability to go to it from any subdomain Adjustment of the main mirror. If necessary, a reirect will allow reirecting a request from subdomains whose addresses begin with www to subdomains without such an address prefix Promotion using subdomains has become so popular.

The target audience throughout

That search engines themselves began to offer Internet resources linking to geo-dependent queries in webmasters, directories and other services. Good to know. TOP Yandex filters – how to avoid, detect and remove sanctions Regional SEO promotion of the site by subfolders. Webmasters place information BZ Lists for regions in subfolders of the site, which is disclose to specific users when visiting the site. The beginning of the address bar of subfolder pages looks like this: domain address – slash – subfolder name – slash. For example: site.rusaratov. Regional SEO promotion of the site by subfolders There are two methods of subfolder presentation of information to site visitors for regional site promotion.

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