The pursuit of fast internet takes on a new meaning. An interesting fact may be information from Scandinavia. There, a team of Danes and Swedes created a chip capable of transmitting information at a speed of almost 2 million gigabits per second (2 Pbit/s). This is a result that is twice as good as global data .Transfer over the Internet.

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This possibility in the form of a permanent system. New data transfer possibilities have been discovered by specialists associated with the Chalmers Dubai Business Fax List University of Technology and the Technical University of Denmark. The result is a new data transmission record. The record they set provides a speed of 1.8 petabits per second. If you compare it to an Internet transfer, it will be a value twice as high as the entire global network services.

With a single laser light source

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The record is a chip effect. It turns out to be faster than hundreds . The best lasers currently designed for data transfer. See the best Internet offers currently in Poland, as assessed by PanWybierak. internet See more Data limit Unlimited BZ Lists download  Indefinite contract router router Gifts only at sending 40Mbps WiFi modem in price HBO Max promotion for 1 month as a gift! Gifts only at panwybierak.


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