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You.Ll probably kill the wanderlust. (and psst ! It .S never too late to segment .) award for : list segmentation 2. Duolingo duolingo great examples of newsletters – duolingo screenshot of fitsmallbusiness duolingo is an online language course that allows users to evolve at their own pace. Of course. This means that procrastination Become super niche happens; life gets in the way (or they are learning a new conjugation). Enter duolingo.S simple but functional newsletter. Which occasionally provides updates and always reminds language learners where they stand.

Allowing new subscribers to self-select

Fram not in typical beginner-intermiate-advanc  Asia email list language. But as the user-friendly “You.Re only x points away” away from your goal!It.S neuro-linguistic programming at its best. Award for : incentives newsletter examples – huffpost 3. Huffpost huffpost screenshot of magemail ok. Back to the topic of segmentation – we like the way huffpost does this. Allowing new subscribers to self-select the frequency. Topics and other details of their newsletter content. It.S such a simple concept. But really a newsletter should serve its audience.

Netflix netflix great examples of newsletters-

asia email list

Not just its company. And letting recipients take the reins is a perfect start. Award for : self-select segmentation 4. Netflix netflix great examples of newsletters-netflix few companies know their customers as well as netflix. After all.   BZ Lists  They know what you watch (and how you rate what you watch). So they have a good handle on your viewing preferences. And that.S the key to their excellent. Highly personaliz content: if they release a new show. Movie. Or feature that their algorithm pricts you.Ll like. Then they.Ll tell you about it. And. You.Ll probably add that title to your list. Watch more netflix and – well.

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