The best option is always to. Therefore, choose a high-quality image or video that stands out and makes sense for the message you want to convey. When creating a background for Instagram stories, try to get an. Therefore, appropriate image and an interesting color palette. If you prefer a video, make sure it looks good and has a good pace. You can also try editing a photo to achieve the desired effect. Finally, review the license of the image or video to ensure you have the rights to use it before uploading it to your Story.


Click on the three

Dots in the upper right corner Enter the. Therefore, Instagram Stories tool and choose any image executive email list from your gallery. It doesn’t matter which one it is as it will become a solid color. Once you have chosen the. Therefore, image, touch the three dots at the top right of your smartphone screen and a submenu will appear with two options: Draw or Save .


Select the Draw option

 Therefore, Choose the first option and you will be shown a set of tools at the top of the screen and a wide range of colors at the bottom of BZ Lists your cell phone or tablet. Tap the brush button and choose a. Therefore, color At the top, select the Brush tool , it is the first of all, and choose the color of your preference at the bottom.

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