If I think about the brands I’ve worked with or consulted with over the past few years, most in the B2B technology space, the top priority has always been to activate short-term sales . We B2B marketers often call it lead generation . Companies have invested most of their budget in short-term, bottom-of-the-funnel campaigns (and related content), hoping to increase sales in the coming quarters. I had a similar priority when I ran the marketing division of a large energy company.

The short and long term effects on marketing

As I mentioned, marketers are increasingly job function email list focused on the short term. They spend money to activate immediate sales, instead of building a long-term brand. They opt for bottom of the funnel tactics because they will pay better, within a year, in most cases. But in one of the most important parts of the research, Field and Binet show that, in the long term, that immediate vision will quickly deteriorate the overall impact of marketing . Too much time spent picking the lowest fruits means less time watering the tree. Eventually, these will stop growing.

The role of content and storytelling in that context

In my experience, I would add that most B2B BZ Lists technology brands tend to prioritize short-term strategies due to the increased availability of online customers. “The digital revolution usually leads to greater activation efficiency and therefore a greater proportion should go to the brand. It seems paradoxical, but what is happening in the digital world means that we have to build that brand even more. The same goes for those categories with a high volume of online research and extensive use of technology, based on financial subscription, as well as with companies that neglected long-term brand recognition strategies .

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