ADVERTISING AND DIGITAL The IBAN and BIC. Starting from February it will no longer be possible to use the old references to forward payment transfers. And it will be mandatory to use the new combination of. Digit IBAN and. Digit BIC code (bank identification code).  abroad. But from the date indicate they will also become essential for payments involving direct debit from the account. Hence the nee for companies to update at least the company letterhead. So that it contains the code require for payments. It is also a question of carrying out a massive communication effort with customers and suppliers.

Until now mandatory for payments

Advertising and digital printing THE . PRESS SHOP seo expater bangladesh ltd ART ADVERTISING INSPIRATIONS TECHNICAL GUIDES ARCHIVE Archive June. Letterhead AND SEPA. What’s Changing For Companies With the imminent introduction of the SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) standardize payments system. We will definitively say goodbye to the old coordinates banking. Expresse in the joint form of bank code and current account number. As far as companies are concerned. This will involve a series of adjustments both in the back office and in documents and stationery. In particular. The company’s official letterhead must contain the new details that are mandatory to procee with payments at national level and in the community area.


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